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Platinum Doll Co | Atlanta Lash Extensions

Single Length Volume Trays

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Elevate your lash game with our Cashmere Volume Lash Trays, the ultimate in luxury lash extensions. Made with the highest quality PBT fibers, our lashes are incredibly soft and lightweight, providing your clients with the ultimate in comfort.

Our unique volume technology ensures that every lash is expertly crafted for maximum impact, offering a full-bodied look that adds depth and dimension to your clients' eyes. Whether you specialize in natural or bold looks, our Cashmere Lash Trays provide a range of lengths and curls to suit your every need.

As a lash artist, you know the importance of quality and long-lasting lash extensions. That's why our trays are curated with premium materials to ensure that your clients' lashes stay fluffy and voluminous for weeks on end. Plus, our easy-to-maintain lashes make your job a breeze, allowing you to create stunning looks with ease.

Shop now and invest in your lash business with our Cashmere Volume Lash Extension Trays. Your clients will thank you for the luxurious experience and beautiful results!

-Cashmere Mink 

-Extremely Soft & Lightweight

-Dark And Fluffy With Matte Black Finish

-Fans Like Butter

-Beginner Friendly