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Secure The Lash Super Bonder

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Our super bonder is a game changer when it comes to retention. This bonding agent polymerises the lash adhesive without shock curing, aiding and accelerating the curing process of the glue and resulting in a quick dry time. Allowing your clients to get their lashes wet without waiting 24 hours. This bonder also reduces the fumes from the adhesive, meaning there is a lower risk of it causing irritation or sensitivity.

Secure The Lash Superbonder strengthens the bond between the glue and the natural eyelash, helping to maximise elasticity and retention and give your clients lashes that are not only stunning, but long-lasting too. With stronger bonds, your clients will see bulletproof retention and have a fuller set of lashes for longer. 

How to use Secure The Lash Superbonder

When lashing, we recommend applying a few small drops to the bonding points between the eyelash extension glue and the natural lashes using a microbrush. We recommend following up with our Locked In Lash Sealant for a perfect finish. The super bonder will set those lashes into place, while the sealant will act as a barrier between the adhesive attachment area and any oils or makeup that may break down the adhesive bond. 


This product is intended for use by professional eyelash extension technicians only.


24 months unopened, 6 months open for best results.