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Locked In Lash Sealant

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Locked In Sealant is the key to ultimate lash extension retention! Designed to prolong the life of eyelash extensions, this sealant is a must-have for lash artists and clients alike. 

Our eyelash extension sealant acts as a protective barrier between your lash glue and the elements. By forming a seal around the base of the lash extensions, this product protects the glue from water, sweat, dirt and oils that can break down the bond. This helps to extend the lifespan of the extensions. Locked In Sealant also improves the elasticity of the adhesive, making the bonds more flexible and preventing twisting. 

When used directly after lash extension application, this extension sealant assists the curing process of the lash glue whilst also locking in the glue fumes and reducing the chance of irritation. When used post-treatment during aftercare, its protective coating helps to maximise retention. 

We recommend that lash techs use the Locked In Sealant after applying eyelash extensions with any one of our lash glues and the Secure The Lash Super Bonder 

How to use Locked In Lash Sealant 

For lash techs: After applying the eyelash extensions, remove the mascara wand the lash sealant comes with and use a microbrush to apply a small amount of product to the base of the lashes. 

For clients: Use in the same manner 2-3 times a week after cleaning your lashes with Lash Cleanser.


This product is intended for use in professional eyelash extension treatments only.