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Clean Slate Lash Primer

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Clean Slate Primer removes any residue of makeup, dirt, oil or protein remaining on the natural lashes so that they are optimally prepared for lash extension application. Not only this, but the primer also aids the bonding process by speeding up the drying time of the glue. The lash primer then strengthens the adhesive bond between the glue and the natural lashes to deliver a set of eyelashes that are as secure as they are stunning.

As well as increasing the adhesive bond, our Clean Slate eyelash primer prevents the adhesive from whitening due to shock polymerisation.

How to use Clean Slate Lash Primer

Clean Slate Primer should be used at the pre-treatment stage of an eyelash extension appointment. Brush a small amount onto the eyelashes using a microbrush and take care around the eye area. We recommend using Clean Slate following cleansing the natural lashes with our Squeaky Clean Lash Cleanser. For an unbreakable bond, pair with any one of our lash glues and follow up post-treatment with the Secure The Lash Super Bonder and Locked In Lash Sealant.


This product has been designed for use in eyelash extension treatments only and should only be applied by a professional lash technician.